With the weather this week heading up to 35 degrees, a little time to plan for your dog can save them a lot of discomfort.

  • Make sure fresh water is available for your doggo all the time.  Carry some with you on walks. One old fashioned remedy is to keep a block of rock sulphur in the drinking bowl.
  • Have a paddling pool in the garden. Teddy likes a full on splish splash and his favourite game is with the garden hose. Scarlett just likes to wade through the pool and cool her feet! Take your dog to a safe stretch of river for a cooling swim. Make sure the bank is not steep and give them a shower when you get home.
  • Take them to the beach where dogs are allowed. Use talc to remove the sand from your dogs coat until you can shower him at home. From Mothercare I bought a child’s UV Protection tent to provide shade for Scarlett  on the beach or open field.
  • Remember mid the sand is too hot for you to walk barefoot it is too hot for your dog too.
  • Cool mats and coats are great and readily available for helping your pet to keep cool on hot days.
  • Dogs enjoy early morning and evening walks in summer to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Whatever you do don’t leave your dog in the car not even for a short time.  The temperature inside the car rises rapidly with often fatal results   Don’t risk it. And if you are on a car journey keep water handy and take frequent breaks with your pet to keep him safe.

If it’s too hot – just stay inside!

Keep cool !!?
Christine Seddon