We are a Kennel Club, Registered Dog Training Club, which requires us to be organised and run as a Club with Members.

Membership of the Club entitles you to book Carry On Trainingclasses offered in the Members Area of our website, attend and vote at Meetings and Club Events. Only Club Members can participate in MembersClasses and membership is offered to anyone who has successfully completed at least one of the following courses listed below:

Puppy Foundation Award Course
Bronze Award Course (pass not necessary)
Special Workshops with recommendation for further training at the Club

Membership is available to adults, aged 18 plus and we offer SINGLE or FAMILY status, as follows:

SINGLE​ – One subscription, one named adult, full voting rights

FAMILY​ – One subscription, voting restricted to one adult family member

Renewal of Membership is by Annual Subscription to be paid on 1st January.  New Members pay when they accept the Invitation to join.  I reiterate that only Members can participate in MembersClasses.

The Annual Subscription is currently set at £5.00 per annum. 

If you have any questions or need any further information, please let us know.