We all know one way dogs learn is by association.
We want them to have a positive association with their name.
Very often we call their name in a negative way,  ie: “Teddy Valentine!!” Stop barking now!
Lets change that to a positive association with the Sausage Name Game

Have 10 pieces of sausage, broken into small pieces.

Throw the sausage out just in front on the floor

Call your dog’s name “Teddy!”  in a lovely high happy voice

When our dog responds to his name, click or click word to mark him looking at you and as he runs back to you throw the food out in front on the floor again.  Repeat this using a side to side movement first to the right then to the left, calling doggy’s name as you go.

Repeat this until all the food is gone.

Try always to use his name only in a positive context.  If you are going to give him a bath just go and get him, don’t call his name.

This way your dog is  always happy  to be with you when you call his name.