How do we keep our dogs stimulated while we are isolated

Hello again,

These are my next thoughts to get all of us including our four legged friends through this bizarre time

We are lucky that we can take them out for walks but we also need to stimulate their brains.

I did suggest that you make mealtimes a training session.

You could also start to make getting their food a challenge, place it in hidden places: boxes toilet rolls etc.

My next suggestion is that you start to get them to use their amazing scenting ability to find hidden treats and then toys. Start by getting a good stay command. Then place a treat/ or a piece of their food just out of sight but where they see you place it.  Release the dog by saying “go find it!” in an excited voice. Repeat this gradually placing the reward in more and more difficult places. You then make sure your dog cannot see you place the treat by putting him/her in another room and hiding a few treats around the room. If you have a garden start the game in the same way with a “stay” and hide the treat in the garden when the dog can see you.  Then gradually make it more and more difficult for the dog to find them.

If you get time, practice this exercise and I will blog next week on how to transfer these scenting skills from food to toys.

Keep safe and well

Yours Annette