Name three of a dog’s needs

1. food

2. water

3. love and affection – but not too much


How do you know if your dog is ill?  True/False

4.  Your normally active dog becomes lethargic


5.  Your dog vomits and/or coughs a lot


6.   Your dog has muddy paws and sits on your new white sofa


7.  Your dog with a normally has a healthy appetite refuses to eat


8.  Your dog’s motions are very loose or it has diarrhoea



9.  Register your dog with a veterinary practice and discuss with your vet which of the following?

a)  vaccinations

b)  Boosters

c)  worming and flea prevention

d)  neutering

e) dental hygiene

f)  all of the above


10.  Would you allow your dog to eat from your plate or his own bowl?

Dog’s  own bowl

11.  How often should you bathe your dog?

Sometimes when it is needed and in moderation

12.  What will you do when you are around horses or livestock?

Put your dog on his lead and don’t allow him to bark

13.  Should your dog sleep in your bed or his own bed?

Own bed

14.  Would you leave your dog home alone if you go away or leave him with a Dog Sitter or in Kennels?

Leave him with a Dog Sitter or in Kennels

15. By law what must your dog always wear when you leave the house for a walk together for instance?

Identification tag and his collar







16.  Children should be taught to ask if it is ok to stroke your dog


17.  It is safe for children to approach/pet/play with or tease the family dog while he is sleeping or eating because he knows the children and would never ever bite them


18.  Children should always wash their hands after playing with the family dog


19.  Your dog should learn that if a child teases him or pulls his tail or ears that’s ok because the child knows no better


20.  It is important for us to teach our children how to behave around dogs


21.  My dog would never bite because I am the Alpha and he knows his place














22.  Name one good reason why dogs bark?


a)  Because they can

b)  Excitement

c) If someone comes to the front door

d) Chase instinct

e) Because they are practising for Britain’s Got Talent

f)  Warning off intruders

all except  ‘e’






23. Under what circumstances would you leave your dog on his own in a car?

Never leave your dog unattended in a car

24.  Do all dogs love travelling in the car? yes/no?


25.  True or False?  How a dog behaves in a vehicle on the first few journeys will form its habits for the future.


26.  Have you read Christine’s blog on car travel?

Yes or no is correct

27 .True or False?  Dogs should be secure while travelling in the car by using a special harness or crate






28.  When visiting the countryside, can you allow your dog to have  a fun game and  chase the sheep?

No. Never allow your dog to chase livestock

29.  True or False?  Always close the gate to a field you are entering/leaving

False – always leave the gate as you find it

30. Can you allow your dog to run around on cultivated land? Yes/No

No because food is grown there






31.  What three items legally should go on your dogs ID Tag?

Owners name, address and postcode

32.  What do we recommend you put on your dogs tag but is optional

Owner’s telephone number

33.  What do we advise NOT to put on the dog’s tag and why not?

Your dog’s name because someone could entice him away

34.  Should he wear the I.D.Tag on Collar or Harness?


35.  Microchipping  is only mandatory in big cities such as London  T/F





36. Where can you put your dogs Poo?


a)  in a special bin

b)  any bin will do

c)  if no bins take it home

d)  hang the poo filled bags from the branches of trees and bushes to decorate the countryside

All but ‘d’

37.  True/False?  A dangerous dog is ANY dog (whatever breed) that is dangerously out of control in a public place


38.  True/False?  Socialisation means to teach your dog to dance


39.  Why do we teach tricks to our dogs?

We teach tricks to keep our dogs mind active, to bond with our dog    and to have fun with them

40.  Is it ok to walk your dog along the pavement off-lead  Yes/No