How do I take care of my dogs ears?

A. It is essential to check and clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis 1.  Inspection If you have a breed such as a Husky, French Bulldog or Westie,  their ears stand up so its easy          to look at them. With a breed such as a Cockapoo, Springer Spaniel or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, […]

3 steps to help your dog adjust when Lockdown ends

How will your dog cope after Covid/19 when Lockdown ends? There has never been a time like now. Our dogs must be in 7th heaven because we are here with them 24/7 at the moment. What will they be like when we all start going out and leaving them again when Lockdown is over? First […]

How do we keep our dogs stimulated while we are isolated

Hello again, These are my next thoughts to get all of us including our four legged friends through this bizarre time We are lucky that we can take them out for walks but we also need to stimulate their brains. I did suggest that you make mealtimes a training session. You could also start to […]

Separation Anxiety

Hello all you dog owners.  Some of you know me as a trainer but I also work as a pet behaviour therapist and it has occurred to me that after we have spent many weeks with our dogs, when eventually we get back to our normal routines: going shopping, work,  cinema, school runs etc. our […]

The Sausage Name Game

We all know one way dogs learn is by association. We want them to have a positive association with their name. Very often we call their name in a negative way,  ie: “Teddy Valentine!!” Stop barking now! Lets change that to a positive association with the Sausage Name Game Have 10 pieces of sausage, broken […]

How to start training?

First: Get your pups attention down up/game you drop a treat on the floor and your dog puts his head DOWN to eat it then he looks UP at you to see where that treat came from click & Drop another treat on the floor Four Steps to Teaching your Puppy Sit Show the dog what […]

Avoiding a Calamity this Christmas

It’s  is the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes 🌟 For our dogs there are dangers everywhere in the festivities. 🎄 You can give your dog some leftovers such as turkey with no bone or skin. And they may enjoy vegetables. Remember if your dog is not used to these foods […]

Fireworks- Fun or Fear?! (updated)

With Fireworks and Dwali continuing for many weeks from now right up to Christmas and New Year, sadly this can mean suffering for some of our four-legged friends. I am sure you will agree with me there are too many fireworks and they should be confined to organised displays only. Your dog might be ok […]

Summer Party Pics

Hot dogs – Keep cool to stay kewl

With the weather this week heading up to 35 degrees, a little time to plan for your dog can save them a lot of discomfort. Make sure fresh water is available for your doggo all the time.  Carry some with you on walks. One old fashioned remedy is to keep a block of rock sulphur […]