Snow Time! How can I keep my dog safe in the snow?

No matter what the weather our best friend still needs exercise and most dogs love to have fun in the snow. Small dogs and dogs with short hair would be more comfortable with a coat. Measure your dog from the back of the neck to the base of his tail to get the best fit. […]

Avoiding a Calamity this Christmas

It’s  is the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes 🌟 For our dogs there are dangers everywhere in the festivities. 🎄 You can give your dog some leftovers such as turkey with no bone or skin. And they may enjoy vegetables. Remember if your dog is not used to these foods […]


With Fireworks and Dwali continuing for many weeks from now right up to Christmas and New Year, sadly this can mean suffering for some of our four-legged friends. I am sure you will agree with me there are too many fireworks and they should be confined to organised displays only. Your dog might be ok […]

CAR TRAVEL with Puppies and Dogs

I. The first thing to do is to help your dog/Puppy get used to this small space. Some dogs see cars like a scary crate on wheels. The car moves very fast with the outside world flashing by the windows.  The engine roars and there are turns and sometimes sudden stops.  Then we arrive at […]

How do I take care of my dogs ears?

A. It is essential to check and clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis 1.  Inspection If you have a breed such as a Husky, French Bulldog or Westie,  their ears stand up so its easy          to look at them. With a breed such as a Cockapoo, Springer Spaniel or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, […]

Why crate train your puppy?

On a family outing to Whipsnade Zoo many years ago, I was looking forward to seeing the wolves up close and personal.  Well maybe not too close.  When I found the enclosure, I was disappointed because there were no wolves to be seen. Peering through the wire fence I noticed there was a large mound […]

How long should I spend training my puppy each day?

Ten minutes each day is long enough to train your puppy or dog. Training can be incorporated into every day life. For instance: Practice your recall when you call puppy in from the garden (happy voice, lots of praise!) Practice your wait or stay when feeding your dog his meal Practice food manners at the next meal […]

Is it OK for my puppy to eat snails?

Answer: Eating snails can cause lungworm, a parasite causing serious illness in dogs. Speak to your vet about the flea treatment you are using if you are concerned about your dog eating slugs or snails. A flea treatment called Advocate prevents lungworm. It needs to be applied once a month. Please do not put slug […]

I cannot get my dogs attention

As an instructor at ECDTC, I have been asked to write answers here to questions put to me by handlers in the classes.  You may have the same questions. Hoping you will find the answers helpful, here is the first Q&A. Question from Life Skills Class: I am concerned about my dog.  He seems unresponsive, […]

How long should you exercise your puppy

Question from Puppy Class: We talked about exercising puppies. I asked the puppy owners how long they took their puppies out for a walk every day.  The replies were so different! Some took their puppies out for 15 minutes. Another answered 30 minutes and the longest time was over an hour!! The question arose what […]