How to start training?

First: Get your pups attention down up/game you drop a treat on the floor and your dog puts his head DOWN to eat it then he looks UP at you to see where that treat came from click & Drop another treat on the floor Four Steps to Teaching your Puppy Sit Show the dog what […]

Avoiding a Calamity this Christmas

It’s  is the most wonderful time of the year as the song goes 🌟 For our dogs there are dangers everywhere in the festivities. 🎄 You can give your dog some leftovers such as turkey with no bone or skin. And they may enjoy vegetables. Remember if your dog is not used to these foods […]

Fireworks- Fun or Fear?! (updated)

With Fireworks and Dwali continuing for many weeks from now right up to Christmas and New Year, sadly this can mean suffering for some of our four-legged friends. I am sure you will agree with me there are too many fireworks and they should be confined to organised displays only. Your dog might be ok […]

Summer Party Pics

Hot dogs – Keep cool to stay kewl

With the weather this week heading up to 35 degrees, a little time to plan for your dog can save them a lot of discomfort. Make sure fresh water is available for your doggo all the time.  Carry some with you on walks. One old fashioned remedy is to keep a block of rock sulphur […]


I don’t know about you but Easter Time is my favourite time of year!  The days are getting longer so me and my dogs Teddy and Scarlett can enjoy some relaxing evening walks.   Blossom is on the tree so you know its spring and my yellow forsythia in the garden looks so colourful after the […]


A DOG’S NEEDS Name three of a dog’s needs 1. food 2. water 3. love and affection – but not too much HEALTH How do you know if your dog is ill?  True/False 4.  Your normally active dog becomes lethargic True 5.  Your dog vomits and/or coughs a lot True 6.   Your dog has muddy […]

Cup Night 2019

Walking Group

Do you take your dog to the same park every day, maybe on your own? Our Walking Group may be of interest to you. You will have friends to chat to. Your dog will love it! On the first Sunday of every month members get together with Jubilee Park Dog Training Club and we visit […]

Snow Time! How can I keep my dog safe in the snow?

No matter what the weather our best friend still needs exercise and most dogs love to have fun in the snow. Small dogs and dogs with short hair would be more comfortable with a coat. Measure your dog from the back of the neck to the base of his tail to get the best fit. […]